"Si no te gusta
Television & Music Video Director -   Video Artist  - Photographer  - Framer  -  Image Wrangler - Talker -  Shepherd
A bald chic that sometimes comes out on T.V.

"Es mas valiente aquel que hizo el ridiculo, fracazo y fue rechazado ejecutando, que aquel que se quedo en su casa soñando."- Yo

"Times are Trichy, Fun, Serious and Fun again!"
Times are trendy and times are of growth. I'm not surprised of how thick my skin has become, It would be a shame if it was otherwise. Choosing your battles is the only wise way to save your bullets! 
April has been of such... Speaking for the second year in a row at the TLC Foundation and BFRB Global Conference in Dallas, TX is not only a privilege and honor but the most humanizing experience of my pretty little big life. I met a gentle girl who had been following me for over a decade come down from NY and weep before me. She made me realize how many hearts and heads we can touch without ever knowing.... we hugged and I heard her whisper her 1000 thank you's... still figuring out what to do with all that beauty. 

Bellow I share the interview I did at "Studio D Show" on Mundo Fox as well as the "We are not our hair... or are we?" which was part of my conference this past week. All I can say is that after pulling my hair for 27 years and being bald for the past 6 years... BALD has given me more self love, control and empowerment than anything else in my life.
I know it's hard as shit to love and accept yourself, but you have to die trying! <3

Proud Member of 
the Executive Board for the 
"Museum of Contemporary Art 
North Miami"  
&  heading the Education Committee 
Since April  2015
PROUD Voting Member for 
The Latin & American 
GRAMMYs since 2007

Board Governor on the Florida Chapter for the Recording Academy Term 2016 & 2017. 
(Hair Pulling)

Interview by TLC 
during BFRB Week 2015
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