"Si no te gusta
Director         Video Artist      Photographer      Framer 
A bald chic that sometimes comes out on T.V.

"Es mas valiente aquel que hizo el ridiculo, fracazo y fue rechazado ejecutando, que aquel que se quedo en su casa soñando."- Yo

"Art is in the Air"
As mid summer smacks us with it's humidity so does the presence of Art. 
Art as a lifestyle. 
Art as a lifeline.
Art as lifelife.

August is that month that brings us back to 15mph...
Thanks to those back to school speed limits all around the city we now have to consider 
the possibility of being late if we happen to be 
driving between 2:00 pm & 4 pm.
Besides that small traveling inconvenience 
knowing that kids are taking Art & Production classes in school
makes me wanna do an interpretation dance to
express the excitement I have to visit some classes here & there 
and motivate, stimulate, inspire and ultimately jump with those kids!

At the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)
we are putting together some bad ass after school fall programs
to get some of these kids off the streets and focused!
 I will post those options as soon as we are done polishing the classes!
Adrienne Von Lates (Director of Education) is the master of her domain & genus behind
the success of our museums education! Proud to stand next to her during
her tireless efforts to provide flawless eduction to our community!


The Viernes Verde music video "Mil Pedazos" is Out and it's fast & furious!
This legendary Guatemalan rock band came to Miami last month to shoot a music video with me & 
 my fierce production team. Extremely proud of what we did in that hot as hell day! (Video Bellow)

Muchas Cosas Increibles, Otras Intensas, Otras Mudas y Ciegas... 
Esquivando Objectos con Puntas Filudas Mientras Corro en Tacones con Tijeras.

"Curator's Voice Project"
 in Wynwood 
(Curator Milagros Bello) 
Viernes Verde
"Mil Pedazos"
Shot on location Miami
July 2015
Sarah Packiam
"Messed Up"
Shot on Location outside Los Angeles
April 2015
Maria Bestar
"Se Acabo"
Director: Milcho
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the Executive Board for the 
"Museum of Contemporary Art 
North Miami"  Since 2015
(Hair Pulling)
PROUD Voting Member for 
The Latin & American 
 since 2007