"Si no te gusta
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A bald chic that sometimes comes out on T.V.

"Es mas valiente aquel que hizo el ridiculo, fracazo y fue rechazado ejecutando, que aquel que se quedo en su casa soñando."- Yo

August is ending with October winds.
 I hope September is okay with that.

Curator's Voice Project in Wynwood had an exciting Opening night for the "Show Stellar Miami" Exhibit on August 13th. Gotta say it was scandalous just as I like it!
 Milagros Bello (Curator & Owner of the Gallery) has put together a pretty impressive show.
We worked together in numerous show a decade ago while we where both at Hard Core Gallery
 so it was quite nice to do another show together.
Hasta Septiembre 13 "La Musa", "Yellow" & "Black" se viste de Gala junto a otras obras de artistas de diferentes partes del mundo.
If you didn't make it on opening night, I hope closing night you bring your Musa out to play with mine.
Pictures of such event are posted on my facebook fan page

p.s. new episodes of Hitstreak on the app "Showmobile" are coming up soon,
This time straight from the L.A. Radio Disney Studios which we shot this past week in
Burbank, California. Fun? Understatement!

Next stop...
a date with a Bat.

Video Art Framing Mode.

En las puertas de la casa de
"La Musa"
Curator's Voice Project in Wynwood.

A love story
Video Art Still frame

"The Bear"
Video Arte

This is 1 video of a 4 part series that touches the stubbornness of animal and human.
Alejandra Alberti
"A Punto de Arribar"
Music Video
"Showmobile" Phone app and "Hitstreak"
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This is my playlist to catch the episodes a few weeks after it post on the app.

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