"Si no te gusta
Director         Video Artist      Photographer      Framer 
A bald chic that sometimes comes out on T.V.

"Es mas valiente aquel que hizo el ridiculo, fracazo y fue rechazado ejecutando, que aquel que se quedo en su casa soñando."- Yo

 In the last 30 days I've had three major changes in my life, all which have created a perfect triangle that spins as a circle, moves forward as an arrow and regardless of it's hiccups
 that triangle stands it's ground with freshly applied Dior lipstick.

I had the pleasure to work on the first episode of "Buscando mi Ritmo" in Telemundo.
 (Produced by Powwow) Directed the video presentations of the contestants and bands as well as
the rehearsal segment of the same episode.
 The show will air for the next six week at 6pm on Telemundo. Great Talent Show to watch!

On an art note...
From May 28 until Mid August
My art work can be found at MAC Fine Art Gallery in Ft. Lauderdale.
"RE" is a wonderful show curated by none other than my wonderful curator Rochi Llaneza.
In this particular show I've created a video art installation called "Penny"
A Love/break up video between a 6 year old girl and her Owl partner.
In 3 minutes we experience the cycle of love in its entirely told through the heart of "Penny."
Bellow is a Still Frame of the video plus the invite for this coming up gallery night!

A love story
Video Art Still frame

"The Bear"
Video Arte

This is 1 video of a 4 part series that touches the stubbornness of animal and human.
Alejandra Alberti
"A Punto de Arribar"
Music Video
"Showmobile" Phone app and "Hitstreak"
 Download and check it!
This is my playlist to catch the episodes a few weeks after it post on the app.

Proudly Appointed Film & Media Director of the Non-Profit Organization for where our goal is to encourage, empower & mentor high risk youth through film, art and love!