"Si no te gusta
Director         Video Artist      Photographer      Framer 
A bald chic that sometimes comes out on T.V.

"Es mas valiente aquel que hizo el ridiculo, fracazo y fue rechazado ejecutando, que aquel que se quedo en su casa soñando."- Yo

I have found myself wanting to frame more than usual and frame myself more than always.
Sera que me uso porque soy puntual?

Today as I sit at my favorite french bakery next to the valet parking and debating whether to have a glass of red wine or get the check...
I opened the cage in which my visual work has been living in for the past 9 years protecting it like a vicious single mama coyote with her young. 
TODAY, 3 days after I dressed as a bear to run into a tree I had a change of thought.
I must have hit that tree pretty fucking hard.

 It will never grow, mature, feel love and feel hate nor motivate, stimulate, breath nor  vibrate if I keep it to myself.

  Letting the roaches, alligators, snakes, crickets, rabbits, bears
 my grandmother, my friends, my pee, me and the dead or alive move forward!

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"The Bear"
Video Arte

This is 1 video of a 4 part series that touches the stubbornness of animal and human.
Alejandra Alberti
"A Punto de Arribar"
Music Video
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Proudly Appointed Film & Media Director of the Non-Profit Organization for where our goal is to encourage, empower & mentor high risk youth through film, art and love!
"Combate Americas"
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Bad asses behind the making of this reality show in all sense of the word.

Super proud to have been the Director of Photography on this historical series about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)